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Today we have heard even more incredible stories of how God has worked through Vision in the lives of people right across Australia - helping them look to God daily.

Jeannie from Western Australia shared this with us this morning...

“My 8-year-old son, Zechariah was gifted a radio by his grandad. Since receiving this radio he has had vision playing 24/7. I sometimes must sneak in at night and turn it down, so he is not waking the other kids. He came to me with $20 yesterday and said he wanted to donate; he has been saving his money for a long time, so this was a big step for him. I could tell it really came from a place of sacrifice, when I asked him if he was sure he said, ‘yes I think vision can do more with it.’ Hearing him talk and recount things he is hearing on Vision has been so incredible. Thank you for your ministry.”

Zechariah and his radio!
What a blessing to be part of shaping a young family and a young life in the ways of the Lord. , you are sowing into thousands of lives through your donation to Vision. This is all about us working together and believing together to help people look to God daily, because as we do that, it stirs within us. The truth of God and revival is a result.

As we come to the last day of Visionathon tomorrow having raised over 58% of our target, we are asking for you to stand with us so that the ripple effect of what happened for Zechariah can be the story for many more people across Australia.
In Christ,

Phil Edwards

PS Celebrate with us that we have over 80 new monthly partners joining our 3500+ current monthly partners!

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Margaret from South Australia

In troubled days in which we live, it is comforting to seek wisdom, teaching and the proclamation of Jesus love through turning on the radio and listening to Vision Radio.
Helen from QLD

Thank God for Vision, which is able to go into homes that may otherwise not hear about the One who can change their life and their eternal destination.
Warren from WA

Vision is a station I listen to daily on my way to the medical centres. I love the way it encourages one to focus on God and His Word. The teachings are brilliant and help to strengthen our faith in these challenging times. God bless all who make this happen and the Vision team. Come on Australia go ahead and support Vision Radio and its stand for the gospel.
Cliff from Tasmania

Vision has been a lifesaver. It is on all day and night and in the car. Love the personalities and sermons. Real joy through listening.

Connecting Faith to Life
Connecting Faith to Life
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