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As Visionathon comes to a close, we are in awe of the work God has done through so many of you, our faithful supporters. What an incredible week of Gods provision, and incredible stories like this one from Cole;

"…as I was leaving the scene where our daughter Katie died, Vision Radio was on in the car. Before I got to second gear, a song came on that sliced through the bravado to reveal a Dad who was in deep bewildering pain, and it pointed me back to Jesus – because he really is the anchor in every storm. We continued all the way through the [grief] process, supported by Jesus – a seed started with Vision Radio."

Cole went on to describe Vision Radio as "a very sharp instrument for God to use to do a perfect incision". Talk about the right word at the right time! And it is all possible because of your support.

This really has been an amazing week! At the time of writing:

  • Our first goal of $1,000,320 in pledges and donations is over 90%
  • Our secondary goal of 320 new monthly partners is around 40%

Click here to see the current tally, or give your donation and please also continue to pray for us – thank you☺️

In Christ,

Phil Edwards

PS At the very moment Cole was sharing his story on air this morning, another man (Henry) was driving home from visiting his son’s grave, and listening. Henry called us to share that he had a similar experience with Vision helping him through a very difficult time after his son took his life – his story is below.

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Margaret from South Australia

My son took his life three years ago. He was aged 29. On Wednesday I ran into one of his mates and shared how the morning after Harry's death a Mudlark singing would wake me, and it did so, every morning for the next year and a bit. At times, since, when Id had a really bad day at work I would often walk out of the office complex and there sitting on the ground, or a building top, or even on the side of the road as I drove home would be a mudlark. Vision is another sound I also hear in times when I'm down, your continually Christain messages help me through some very tough times, so I thank you. God bless you all.
Helen from QLD

Edward is 5 years old and wanted to give his ‘give jar’ money to Vision because he wants you to make your steps come true.
Warren from WA

I have listened to Vision for many years and God has put it on my heart to be part of this revival. God bless you all
Cliff from Tasmania

We just love Vision radio. It is a blessing upon blessing with so much excellent content, teachings, songs and daily input. Thank you and we stand with you for revival in every heart in Australia. 🙏😇

Connecting Faith to Life
Connecting Faith to Life
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