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We've had some incredible things happen again today, including a couple in Mackay who have committed a matching gift of $50,000. Together with the Vision family, they have helped fully fund ten brand new stations across Australia!

Another story today was from Joh at Googa Creek Education Centre in Regional QLD. As part of our 100 stations project, Vision has recently put a station on in the area with the education centre being the host. As part of this, we have freely provided devotionals to the school students who attend the camp… here's what recently happened.

"All the students go out into the bush and spend the night camping on their own. One student came back in the morning and shared with us that he had prayed a prayer that was in the back of the devotional, and when we went and looked at it, we realized that that prayer was actually a sinner's prayer"

In a quiet little campsite in the bush, God showed up, and there was a revival in that young heart. Joh continued to share that they were able to pray, encourage and send him back to his church to be further discipled in his new faith.

Revival in the heart can happen anywhere - in someone's car, in a bedroom, workplace, or in a tractor. His word is impacting lives, hearts are being changed, and salvation is happening across the nation.

You can be a part of this story through your support during Visionation. Your donation will help people like this young man look to God daily and change someone’s eternal destiny. As day 2 of Visionathon nears its end, now is the time to give so that God can continue to speak to people just like this young man, new in Christ.
In Christ,

Phil Edwards

PS Alan from WA committed to adding an extra $100 to each first time giver today, up to 100 people. Before he had given for the first time, over ten years ago he had thought, "Why should I give?" After listening longer, he realised that the question was actually "Why should I NOT give". Thank you to all those first-time givers. It's not too late to give if you haven't yet.

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Margaret from South Australia

So good to be able to tune into a radio station that always has a positive message and most importantly, the Word of God.
Helen from QLD

Love having a radio station that stays true to God's Word and challenges and encourages us to look to God. The circumstances around us can feel overwhelming at times, and it's so important for us to be aware of what we are 'feeding' our hearts and our minds. Vision radio is good soul food.
Warren from WA

So encouraged to see the way The Word For Today is continuing to impact men in prison. It is touching a lot of lives.
Cliff from Tasmania

I am a Pastor and my wife goes to sleep with Vision. Vision is an encouragement to the Nation. I believe the healing of Australia is occurring through Vision. It has an important part in the revival of our nation.

Connecting Faith to Life
Connecting Faith to Life
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